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Dark Ion Channel CRISPR Interference Vectors

About this resource As part of the IDG Mission of providing resources for scientific community to enable study of the dark genes, we generated constructs containing sgRNAs against dark ion channels in lentiviral backbone. These constructs allow stable lentiviral transduction of sgRNA containing plasmids and generating cell lines that can be used for CRISPRi studies.

How this recourse was generated? Sequences for sgRNAs against dark ion channels were chosen from the library published in “Horlbeck et al., 2016”.The sgRNAs were ligated into a lentiviral backbone that was cut using a restriction enzyme. All sgRNAs were sequence verified by Sanger.

Where this resource can be requested These constructs are available at McManus lab UCSF upon request. We are currently in the process of depositing these constructs at Addgene as a collection. If you have commercial interests, please include this in your email query.

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